ERASMUS+ Call 2021 Round 1 KA2

KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Project duration:  01.11.2021  –  30.10.2023


About the project:

The project addresses the problem of insufficient education and awareness of adults of harmful substances in cosmetics, cleaning and washing products and their incorrect selection and use, which leads to negative impact on their health, health of their families and the environment. The project is in line with the EU’s chemicals strategy for sustainability towards a toxic-free environment (2020) which is a part of the EU’s zero pollution ambitions (being a key commitment of the EU Green Deal). The strategy aims at better protection of citizens and the environment and calls for actions which would promote the EU’s resilience, establishing a simpler “one substance one assessment” process for the risk and hazard assessment of chemicals and increasing the awareness and education of consumers.

By educating adults, we can prevent the use of harmful cosmetic products, positively impact their health and protect the environment. The consequences of insufficient solving of this situation lead to increase in allergies, diseases and consumer hypersensitivity to certain substances in products and increased environmental pollution due to the use of products containing harmful substances.


Project partners:
  • GreenScan s.r.o., Prague (Czech Republic), Project leaders (
  • The Centre of environmental and ethical education Živica (CEEV Zivica), Bratislava (Slovakia), Project partner 1 (
  • Educasoft Solutions, s.r.o., Prague (Czech Republic), Project partner 2 (
  • Faculty of Environmental Protection, Velenje (Slovenia), Project partner 3 (








The main objective of the project is to raise awareness and increase the education of adults about harmful substances in cosmetics, cleaning and washing products and to create an innovative learning content and related tools through which adults will acquire knowledge and skills to correctly select and use healthy products. The project also aims to increase the knowledge and professional skills of adult educators who lack methodological tools which would enable them to provide targeted education to adults in this area.


  • Adult learners: especially mothers, mothers on maternity or parental leave or potential mothers who are the primary purchasers of cosmetic products for their families. Secondarily the project’s results will be useful also for people with health problems such as allergies, skin diseases, hypersensitivity and young professionals who are actively interested in a healthy lifestyle and environment and wider adult audience.
  • Adult educators: active persons involved in adults education, counselling and training, in the field of healthy and responsible use of cosmetic products, healthy lifestyle, environmental education, environmental ethics etc.

The project results will also have a positive effect on the wider public and increase their awareness about the topic. Project results will be freely available to all participating countries to maximise their social impact and thus such collaboration will facilitate cooperations with adult education and other institutions in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia.


    • Educational portal with interactive learning content
    • Mobile app “GreenScan” with database of products and ingredients
    • Methodological toolkit for adult educators
    • Blog with news, articles and videos
    • G-Book 2
  1. PILOT TESTING OF DEVELOPED TOOLS with adult learners and educators
  2. MULTIPLIER EVENTS for adult learners, educators and other stakeholders:
    • Dissemination and final evaluation of all of developed interconnected educational tools (GreenGate Tools).
    • Raising awareness about the importance of environmental education and ethics in use of cosmetic products (cosmetics, daily care products, washing and cleaning products)
    • Raising awareness about harmful substances, correct selection and the proper use of cosmetic products with the aim to minimise possible negative health and environmental effects.
    • Providing opportunities and space for open discussion and networking of participants and stakeholders.
  1. TRANSNATIONAL PROJECT MEETINGS to promote and strengthen the intellectual results and provide key milestones in the implementation of the project.


Expected RESULTS

obtained with new GreenGate tools and all dissemination activities:

    • ADULT LEARNERS: increased awareness, knowledge and skills on harmful ingredients in cosmetic products
    • ADULT EDUCATORS: enhanced didactic and methodological skills and increased ability to design and implement their own training programmes.
    • PARTNERS: positive impact on participating partner organisations through broadened contacts, increased quality of their educational offer and risen public awareness.
    • STEAKHOLDERS: positive impact on involved stakeholders who will be given high-quality data and ready-to-use tools for their educational, awareness-raising and advocacy activities regarding environmental education and ethics.