Staff mobility (Teaching & Training)

International staff mobility is becoming one of the most common forms of international cooperation in higher education. The importance of mobility and thus the transfer of knowledge, experience, ideas and interconnection is a key driver for Europe, which is striving towards a knowledge society and a competitive advantage for European diplomats, staff and researchers and their comparability on a global scale.

The Erasmus+ programme in the field of higher education provides co-funding for the mobility of professors and all professional staff for the purpose of teaching, education or training in partner higher education institutions or other relevant organisations or enterprises abroad.

Information for incoming exchange students

Information for incoming exchange students

Lea Komerički Kotnik, 
Phone: +386 3 898 64 15,

Basic information

Erasmus FEP ID code: SI CELJE06
PIC: 986228877
Erasmus ID: E10175181
Erasmus Policy Statement

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