Undergraduate Study

By imparting modern, interdisciplinary knowledge, we contribute to solving environmental challenges, sustainable development, conservation of natural resources, a cleaner environment and greater social welfare. When implementing the study program, we take into account the current and future needs of employers and wider society.
Academic title of the programm: Environmental Protection and Eco-technologies Academic degree and type of programme: Undergraduate – first degree professional study programme Professional title upon graduation: Diplomirani ekotehnolog/-inja (eng. Graduate in Environmental Studies/ Graduate in Eco-technologies) Duration of study: 3 academic years (180 ECTS) General goals of the academic programme: Under graduate students will gain knowledge about the consequences of both the restrictive and developmental role of environment in space. They will become acquainted with the legality of burdening, i.e. polluting, various natural resources (e.x. water and air pollution, soil contamination, environmental impact on fauna and flora, and on humans etc.). They will also learn aboutwaste management, the impact of human activities on the environment, preservation and protection of the environment, and communication with the wider public. They will learn about new measures and eco-technologies to protect and remediate the natural environment, to evaluate the environment and to learn about environmental sociology, legislation and management of the environment and its resources.
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