1st year subjects:

 1.Environmental technologies950102020
 2.Sustainable treatment with landscape sources7452010 
 3.Environmental law7452010 
 4.Economics and environmental management7452010 
 5.Project and research work12202020 
 6.Module I6201515 
 7.Module I6201515 
 8.Module I62015 15

2st year subjects:

1.Module II6201515 
2.Module II6201515 
3.Module II62015 15
4.Optional subjects I6201515 
5.Optional subjects II6201515 
6.Master’s Thesis30 30  

Modular subjects in the 1st and 2nd year:

 SubjectsECTSLSWTWLW  Modul
1.Noise and noise attenuation technologies62015 15  M I
2.Bioindication and biomonitoring620 1515  M I
3.Environment and energy resources62015 15  M I
4.Climate changes620 1515  M II
5.Human and environmental affect on health6201515   M II
6.Environmental terrorism and bioterrorism6201515   M II
7.Toxicology6201515   M III
8.Sustainable development of protected areas6201515   M III
9.Ecology and water preservation6201515   M III

MODULE I: Eco-technologies MODULE II: Environment and a human MODULE III: Protection of the nature

Optional subjects:

1.Sustainable tourism and recreation6201515 
2.Management with hazardous substances6201515 
3.Kinetics of environmental  polluters and the use of test organisms62015 15
4.Energy saving construction6201515 

Legend: ECTS=european credit transfer system; L=lectures; SW=seminar work; TW=terenske vaje; LW=laboratory work

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