The mission of the Faculty of Environmental Protection is providing well educated and highly qualified teaching and research staff of best quality who are capable of confronting all challenges in the field of environmental protection and new eco-technologies.

The college is aiming at:

  • developing the profession which is in its broadest sense the object of teaching and researching;
  • providing good quality professional staff in the field of environmental protection locally and in a wider area, cooperation with industry, research and other environmental institutions in the long run, and
  • cherishing and maintaining a positive identification of students and staff with the mission and vision of the FEP.


The vision of the FEP is to become a higher education institute of good quality in the field of environmental protection locally, nationally and in the South-East Europe. The college fully complies with high educational and research standards in providing expertise and professional knowledge in the field of environmental protection and eco-technologies. In this way it wishes to contribute to sustainable management of the environment and its natural resources.
The FEP will achieve its educational and research goals by approximating the international standards in this particular profession, and by using modern teaching methods, research findings and practical work.

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