Access requirements

Study registration & enrolment is open for anyone who has completed the first degree study programme in the field of (1) education sciences, (2) social sciences, (4) natural and technical sciences, (6) agriculture, forestry, fishery, veterinary science, (5) health and social sciences or in the study field of services (8), subsection of environmental protection (85) acquiring at least 180 ECTS.

Candidates who have completed a study programme which does not meet the requirements from the paragraph above shall submit their applications for enrolment to the EPC Committee for Student Affairs. Regarding the direction of their preliminary study, the FEP Committee for Student Affairs shall decide on additional study obligations of each student to the extent up to 60 ECTS at the maximum, which the students shall acquire before being enrolled into the first study year of the master’s study programme Environmental Protection and Eco-technologies. Candidates having acquired their formal education abroad may apply for the study programme under the same conditions as described above.

In case of more candidates than the number of student enrolments possible for the study programme, the candidates shall be selected upon their result of the diploma paper or their average grade of all completed study obligations/exams of their undergraduate study. The average grade at their last completed study is valued with 80% of points, the result of the diploma paper is valued with 20% of points.

Number of student enrolments for the full-time study is 40 and for the part-time study 35.

Terms of transfers between the study programmes

Study transfer is considered the termination of a student’s education in one study programme, and continuing of the student’s education in a new study programme, where all or part of the student’s obligations completed/acquired in the previous study programme are recognised as completed obligations from the other study programme.

According to Criteria for transferring between study programmes the graduates of any university study programmes accepted prior to 11.6.2004 cannot directly enrol into the 2. study year of the master’s study programme Environmental Protection and Eco-technologies due to specificities of the curriculum. The exceptions are the graduates from the university study programme Environment at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences University of Nova Gorica.

The FEP Committee for Student Affairs shall decide on any other study transfer from other study programmes upon a student’s written application, whereby the regulations of Higher Education Act and Criteria for transferring between study programmes shall be followed. Thereby, study obligations completed/acquired by a student shall also be taken into consideration. Each student applicant shall submit an original copy from their preliminary study programme and certificate on completion of their study obligations within that study programme. The Committee for student Affairs shall individually consider and define all obligations needed to be completed or acquired by each student to finish the second degree study programme Environmental Protection and Eco-technologies.

Study completion

To complete the study, the student will have to fulfil all the study obligations according to the study programme to totally acquire 120 ECTS.

Mode of study

Students can enrol in the part-time study.

Place of performance study

The study programme for part-time students will be performed in Velenje. The actual performance of the programme depends on the number of students enrolled.

Tuition fees

The amount of annual fee is defined by the Administrative Board of The Faculty of Environmental Protection by the end of June each year.

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