Services for clients

In recent years, FEP has also greatly increased its professional activities, first and foremost in the field of sustainable management of wildlife populations and reducing human-wildlife conflict situations. In the field of prevention of vehicle collisions with large mammals, it has become a leading institution in Slovenia and probably also in the wider European area; it has implemented a number of projects/activities aimed at reducing this problem or increasing safety for all road and rail transport users.

In recent years, FEP staff have expanded their expertise into new areas such as environmental expertise for end-users and local communities (e.g. municipal environmental protection programmes, environmental reports, environmental impact assessments, various environmental monitoring, waste management, projects for regional action communities).

FEP has also become one of the leading Slovenian institutions in the field of environmental impact calculations (LCA analyses, carbon footprint calculations, etc.) and consultancy in the development of environmentally friendly products, systems and technologies, as well as in the field of studying and solving the problem of (micro)plastics in the environment.

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