The Faculty of Environmental Protection

The Faculty of Environmental Protection (FEP), with its seat in Velenje is the only institution of higher education in Slovenia, that works interdisciplinary on the fields of environmental protection in its broadest meaning. It offers an undergraduate and postgraduate program with the final title BSc. Ecotechnologist & MSc. Ecotechnologies respectively.

During studies, students learn about the developmental and limiting functions of the environment, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, its effects on plants, animals and humans, waste management, influence of human activities on the environment, nature protection, ecotechnologies & pollution management as well as public relations and environmental laws.

Because environmental protection is a globally recognized need, it is only natural, that our faculty puts effort in international activities, connecting with foreign educational institutions and researchers

The FEP is connected with various governmental and economical institutions and parties that help with the realization of our faculties vision, which is the application of all acquired knowledge into the local and global economy and non-profit organizations and with that help to a better and cleaner future for our environment.

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