– in companies which are trying to economise the consumption of raw materials, energy and water and other natural resources and sources to economise waste management not only in terms of preserving the environment, but as well in terms of costs cutting measures in business,

– in institutions or departments dealing with various development contents and fields which need to follow environmental requirements to preserve the nature,

– boundlessness and entanglement of natural resources and sources with all fields of human activities and work enable a wide variety of employment possibilities of future master graduates regarding the content with adequate professional knowledge and references.

The study programme introduces the profession of master’s degree of eco-technologies at a higher education professional level, which is basically designed and appropriate for applicative research and professional work in terms of preservation of the environment and nature in production and other processes such as, prevention, sanitation, improvements, taking measures of reducing emissions in the nature, ability to perform quality monitoring based on environmental and natural regulations, assuring optimum waste management and alike. Employees and students at the FEP who are also registered in the research team Institute for Eco-technologies and Sustainable Development (April 2010) perform and cooperate in domestic and foreign research projects.