Evropa sreèa Rusijo – mednarodna konferenca v Berlinu

Evropa sreèa Rusijo – mednarodna konferenca v Berlinu

Europe Meets Russia has been designed with the intention of bringing together young individuals (mid-later stage students or with some young professionals – around 1-2 years experience) so that they can gain an insight into cultural diplomacy, exchange ideas and experiences, and learn from influential figures in the given field. Participants will develop contacts on social and professional levels through the participation of lectures, challenging workshops, and discussions. The Forum aims to examine the state of the European-Russian relationship today and to consider the role of cultural exchange in supporting this relationship.

Further information about Europe meets Russia can be found in the link below:


The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is now accepting applications for participants with an active interest in the issue. Please see the following link for further information, including the application form:


For specific inquiries into the program, please contact us at: emr@culturaldiplomacy.org

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is delighted to have had the possibility of welcoming the following speakers on previous EMR-Events:

Dmitri Molchanov, Third Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Berlin

Dr. Marzenna Guz-Vetter, Representative of the European Commission in Berlin

Martin Hope, Director of Benelux and EU office at British Council; Former Director British Council Moscow

Heino von Meyer, Director of the OECD Berlin Center

Serghey Zhuravlev, Vice-Director of the Russian Haus

Mr. Nikitin, Head of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany

Enno Harks, Political Advisor to the CEO of Deutsche British Petroleum

Professor Ulrich Brückner, Expert in the field of European integration

To learn more about the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, please visit our website: www.culturaldiplomacy.org

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